Die Forschungsgruppe IAAA - Interaction Analyses for Automated Adaption hat über verschiedene Versuche und deren Resultate Publikationen verfasst. Nähere Informationen gibt es jeweils auf der Seite der Publikation.

Multi-Modal Interaction with Mobiles and Wearables for People with Impairments

FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr. Mirjam Augstein, Daniel Albin Kern MSc BSc, Ing. Thomas Neumayr BA MA, FH-Prof. DI Dr. Werner Christian Kurschl, Mag. Thomas Burger, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Altmann, Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces (CMIS): Walls, Tables, Mobiles, and Wearables, Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2015, Funchal - Madeira, Portugal

People with impairments are often forced to use special and mostly expensive hardware for the interaction with computer systems, or, in case these devices cannot be afforded, are confronted with very limited interaction options. The IAAA project aims at reducing the barriers by analyzing and modeling people’s interaction with computers, supporting the interaction process by automated adaptation to the user’s individual needs and by exploring new interaction methods for the target group. Recently, efforts were made to enhance the interaction by including wearable technology and mobile devices. A prototype involving a smartwatch and the Myo armband was developed. The wearables are used i) to provide haptic feedback to the user during the interaction with the phone, ii) to implement new forms of interaction (e.g., shaking the arm) and iii) to measure the physical effort involved with a user’s interaction with a device (in order to derive physical strain). This paper describes the prototypes, the ideas behind and initial experiences with them.

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In der Zwischenzeit wurde das Projekt erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Es ist aber geplant, dass noch gesammeltes Material ausgewertet und publiziert wird.


Dieses Jahr wurde die Konferenz Mensch und Computer vom Sonntag, dem 4. bis Mittwoch, den 5. September in Aachen, Deutschland abgehalten.


Studenten und Mitarbeiter unserer Universität testeten 2 Prototypen und den handelsüblichen Leap Motion Controller...