Many of our findings and results of user tests have been used for publication at the most relevant and well-known research conferences. For a list of our pubilcations, please refer to the sections below.

*Best Paper Award* The Role of Haptics in User Input for Simple 3D Interaction Tasks - An Analysis of Interaction Performance and User Experience

FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr. Mirjam Augstein, Ing. Thomas Neumayr BA MA, Stephan Vrecer BSc, FH-Prof. DI Dr. Werner Christian Kurschl, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Altmann, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Human Computer Interaction Theory and Applications, Funchal - Madeira, Portugal

Traditionally, input devices allowed for at least a certain degree of haptic experience by involving direct phys- ical contact between user and device. Recently, touchless interaction gained popularity through readily avail- able, cheap devices like the Leap motion controller or Microsoft Kinect. Usually, these devices support more than two degrees of freedom and are thus especially suitable for interaction tasks in a three-dimensional space. However, besides the high potential that lies within touchless input techniques, they also involve new chal- lenges (e.g., lack of borders and natural haptic guidance). In this paper, we aim at the identification of poten- tials and limitations inherent to three different input techniques that involve a varying amount of haptics (i.e., touchful, touchless and semi-touchless input). We present a study conducted with 25 users that focuses on simple input tasks in a 3D interaction space and analyzes objective interaction performance metrics (e.g., reg- ularity or time) and subjective User Experience aspects (e.g., dependability or efficiency). It reveals parallels as well as contrasts between the users’ actual interaction performance and perceived UX (e.g., several metrics suggested haptic input to outperform touchless input while differences regarding UX were not significant). The results are intended to inform other researchers when designing interactive environments.

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In the meantime, the project was successfully completed. Some material might still be up for publication.

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This year's Mensch und Computer conference was held in Aachen, Germany from Sunday, 4th through Wednesday 7th of September.

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Students and staff of our university tested 2 prototypes and the commercially available Leap Motion controller...

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