Many of our findings and results of user tests have been used for publication at the most relevant and well-known research conferences. For a list of our pubilcations, please refer to the sections below.

The Role of Haptics in User Input for People with Motor and Cognitive Impairments

FH-Prof. DI (FH) Dr. Mirjam Augstein, Ing. Thomas Neumayr BA MA, Mag. Thomas Burger, Proceedings of the 2017 AAATE Conference, Sheffield, UK

Most input devices, also traditional ones like keyboard and mouse involve at least a certain amount of haptic experience. For instance, they require direct physical contact between user and device and provide direct haptic feedback (e.g., through the physical resistance of a key). However, in the past years, also touchless input devices and techniques gained broader attention as they e.g., allow for a restriction of physical boundaries that limit the possible range of user input activities. This paper discusses the role of haptics in user input with a particular focus on the needs of people with impairments and presents the results of a study comparing three input devices, each involving a different amount of haptic experience.

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In the meantime, the project was successfully completed. Some material might still be up for publication.

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This year's Mensch und Computer conference was held in Aachen, Germany from Sunday, 4th through Wednesday 7th of September.

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Students and staff of our university tested 2 prototypes and the commercially available Leap Motion controller...

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