Physical Pressure

Measuring physical pressure in IAAA is done through four different technological approaches. All approaches determine up to 12 different levels of pressure. The prototype's screen shows the currently applied pressure in real-time by presenting a vertical bar.


Physical pressure is recognized through vibration impulses by a common smart phone's vibration motor. First, the motor is set to vibrate with its maximum intensity. Then, physical pressure is determined through the accelerometer assessing absorptions of the vibration impulses when the device is pressed by a hand or against a dampening surface.


Magnetic Field

Here, the recognition of physical pressure is measured by changes to the magnetic field around a common smart phone. The calculation follows an analysis of the three-dimensional values of the magnet sensor. The sensor offers for all three dimensions the strength of the magnetic field (in µT).


In this approach, the recognition of physical pressure is done through acoustic analyses of sound. Thereby, the smart phone plays a sound of a specific frequency while the integrated microphone analyses it. The pressure varies by holding a finger onto the microphone and therefore changing the frequency of the sound the microphone records.

In the meantime, the project was successfully completed. Some material might still be up for publication.

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This year's Mensch und Computer conference was held in Aachen, Germany from Sunday, 4th through Wednesday 7th of September.

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Students and staff of our university tested 2 prototypes and the commercially available Leap Motion controller...

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